Summer Salon Trends: Hot Summer Styles

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I consider myself a girl’s girl. I enjoy getting a manicure and having my toes painted in the newest colors of the seasons. I have been to a number of different nail salons and by my observations, I have been able to see firsthand some of the tricks and tips from salons and I’ve found the top salons have the few things in common. A major bonus of a high class nail salon is availability of services in addition to staying on top of trends. The top salons are not just doing nails anymore! The best nail salons have waxing, website, massages, facials as well as deluxe services including gel nails and the newly popular shellac nails. The goal of a top nail salon is to make every customer feel as if they are pampered, can get the services they want and most of all feel relaxed! Another tip for top nail salons that cannot be said enough is simply enough customer service. Top nail salons always ensure that the customer always comes in for a special experience. The customer is the reason you have your job, so always remember that. Top nail salons always make you feel special and valued!

What Salon Stylists Wish You Knew

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A visit to the salon is the perfect way to enjoy a little pampering while enhancing your personal beauty. At any salon, a person can enjoy a range of services such as haircuts, manicures and facials. Depending upon the type of service that you receive at the salon, there are several things that a stylist wishes that you knew. To help you get the most out of your next salon visit, here are the top things that stylists wish you knew before you walked through their doors.The whole story can be found at July 2013

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